Support the re-election campaign of 
Hans Riemer
Montgomery County Councilmember At-Large
Thanks to a revolutionary new campaign reform law that gives YOU a stronger voice, your donation to Hans Riemer’s campaign will be MATCHED by the Montgomery County election fund, and Hans will ONLY accept donations from people -- no PACs, no corporations.

$5 donation gets $20 match = $25
$25 donation gets $100 match = $125
$50 donation gets $200 match =  $250
$100 donation gets $350 match = $450
$150 donation gets $450 match = $600

$150 is the max donation. Non-county residents may donate up to $150 but only contributions from Montgomery County residents are matched.

If you prefer to send a check rather than make a donation online you can find instructions for mailing your check here: http://hansriemer.com/contact-us/ 

Thank you!

By Authority: Grassroots Supporters of Hans Riemer. Marianne Quinn, Treasurer.
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1. Contributions must be in your name and from your own funds and must not be reimbursed in any manner.

2. Your contribution must be made with a credit or debit card billed to and paid by you for your personal use, with no corporate or business affiliation. 

3. No individual can make aggregate contributions to Grassroots Supporters of Hans Riemer of more than $150 for the election cycle.

4. You certify that all information you have provided is accurate and truthful.
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